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Chesley McLaren Portfolio




Chesley’s Background

Chesley is an illustrator, a fashion illustrator and a designer. She has sketched portraits at Chanel, signed prints at Louis Vuitton, and presented her work at The Chicago Art Institute. In addition to books—Zat Cat: A Haute Couture TailWhen Royals Wore Ruffles: A Funny and Fashionable Alphabet!; and illustrations for The Princess Diaries series—she has created windows and advertising for Saks Fifth Avenue, murals for Bergdorf Goodman, animation and package design for Laura Mercier, mannequins for Ralph Pucci, and silk scarves for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And, now she is launching a new endeavor to bring some joy and humour to people with the Joie de Vivre illustrated Characters of Distinction. Find more about the Characters of Distinction here.

As a designer, a fashion illustrator and a lover of new things, the portfolio of work below is selected projects from her work experiences. There is illustration work done for several of the top luxury brands, fashion illustrations, a display of her Demoiselle collection of clothes and many of the books she illustrated or wrote. We tried to bring her work to life and create a truly dynamic experience. We hope you will enjoy it.

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