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Introducing Blossom & Bluebell

The Idea:

Early in her career, Chesley considered submitting a concept  to do a cover on the New Yorker magazine. She thought it would be funny to have two pretty flowers named Blossom and Bluebell, looking beautiful with the caption  “It must be Spring”.  And, so Blossom and Bluebell came to be. Sometime later, she considered doing an illustration book about Blossom and Bluebell, but never carved out the time. Chesley and I (Jennifer) talked years ago about how funny these two characters would be animated hosting a fashion show ….. someday!

Character Personality:

Two fleurs, the Socialites, living a charmed life.  They live for sunny days and time with their friends. They always try to look their best! 

How They Find Their Joie de Vivre:

They find their Joie de Vivre in the soft breeze on a sunny day being with their friends.





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