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Introducing Miss Doodles

The Idea:

Miss Doodles is not shorthand for golden doodle but a creative inspiration from the artistic spirit of Chesley when she was working on an animation for a Laura Mercier product launch. Chesley is always the storyteller, whether it is about family folklore or the ridiculousness of some designer, she loves the lightness and humour of a good story. Miss Doodles is the traveler, who has many illustrious experiences and silly misadventures. Some adventures actually happen, but most are the misconceptions of a character extraordinaire thinking about je ne sais quoi.

Character Personality:

Miss Doodles travels the world bumping into the most illustrious characters, but it’s all in her head.

How She Finds Her Joie de Vivre:

Miss Doodles finds her Joie de Vivre in her colorful imagination





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